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What we give you!

The best internet radio tools all in one package!


Free Presenter App

With this app your listeners can send you their comments and view, as well as song requests.


Free listener app

Share this will all your listeners and ask them to share it until the whole world can hear you! Your app, your icon, your name!


Free broadcasting app

Thanks to broadcastmyself, now you can stream live from your phone to our streaming server!


Free Streaming account

We also create for you a free icecast streaming account so you can go live whenever you want to and broadcast to the whole world.

Now it's better!!!

How it works


Quick registration

Fill in our short registration form just to let us know you're interested in reaching out to the world. We'll use this info to contact you while creating your app.


Receive our email

After your registration, we'll send you an email for confirmation and start your apps development. At this point we'll also need you to give us details about your app, such as the app name, icon e.t.c.


Recieve your apps

Our team is always on deck. So we work fast and deliver the best at all times. Between 2 and 5 working days your app will be ready for you to use. We'll send you all your links so you can share them with whoever you want to broadcast to!


It's all free!!!

All the apps that we give you during this offer are entirely free! You will have 24 hours to test your app and then will required to pay only a hosting charge of only USD 70$ (UGX 260,000 shs). USD 3$ (UGX 11,000 shs).  This payment will be valid for 3 months, after which you will only pay USD 15$ (UGX 56,000 shs) every 3 months.
(The UGX amount will always be dependant on the current conversion rate as on the date of payment.)


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